I realise that the title of this article sounds incredibly pessimistic… but bear with me. Think of how many times you’ve been holding a conversation with someone, and they’ve uttered the words…‘I would if I had the motivation’ or ‘I just wish I was motivated like [insert successful person]’.
This is a flawed excuse, and I’ll explain why.

Motivation IS an incredible thing, and can no doubt be a catalyst for incredible human achievement. However, too many people seem reliant on it, seemingly incapable of putting an ounce of hard work into anything without the presence of motivation. This is essentially a get out clause; an excuse to give up on what you want when shit gets difficult.

The most successful people of all time have had to overcome adversity at some point, and I’m damn sure motivation wasn’t particularly high during those moments. Michael Jordan was dropped from his high school basketball team, but then went on to become the most successful player of all time. The Author Stephen King’s first book was rejected 30 times; his books have now sold over 350 million copies. It is thought that Thomas Edison failed 1,000 times before creating the light bulb. The list is endless.

I would like to present a character trait that every successful person possesses; Dedication.

Dedicated people, like the examples I have just presented, understand that motivation will not always be there, but are prepared to grind through these rough periods anyway because they know that if they remain dedicated to their goal, success will inevitably be achieved. Motivation just starts you off on your path. It gets the ball rolling. Dedication is what keeps you on track and stops you from giving up on your dreams. So seize the day and go after what you want in life, you might just be surprised what you are capable of.

‘Every now and then motivation will show up unannounced and I’ll let it take me where it will. But other times, it won’t show up at all and I’m gonna have to make myself do it anyway. Because if I just sit around and wait for motivation to hit, I may sit there forever.’

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