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All our coaches share the same passion, ethos and motivation traits when it comes to training and living a happy life. They are hand picked to represent what we stand for and to deliver the upmost highest standards of personal training and online tuition to our valued clients.

Passionate, knowledgeable and driven individuals only.

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Matthew Brown

BSc (Strength & Conditioning)

About Matthew

A self confessed strength training geek and iron addict, Matthew boasts a first class honours degree in Strength & Conditioning, and is currently pursuing his masters degree in the same subject. He is also a competitive drug free Powerlifter, competing on a regional and national stage in the GBPF. Matthew’s academic interest strongly guides his training program design, and allows him to maximise the physical performance of the athletes and clients that he works closely with. Matthew is also passionate about mental health and wellbeing, and is devoted to providing his clients with a service that not only improves their physical health and wellbeing, but also their mental and emotional wellbeing.

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