Our Philosophy

Life & Lifting is a movement dedicated to the development of strength, both inside and outside the gym. We are passionate about the impact of physical strength as a driving force for self-improvement in every aspect of life. We believe that the discipline and devotion required to continually strive for physical strength is a transcendant skill, and forms a base from which our dedicated clients improve themselves in whatever aspect of life they aim to achieve success in.

Through our strength training and life coaching services, we aim to inspire you to grow stronger physically, mentally and spiritually.

Training Approach

We utilise scientifically driven, individualised training programs that give our clients the optimal results they desire, whether they are high-level athletes to general health and wellbeing populations. Bridging the gap between academic theory and practical application, we take pride in our ability to finely tune each clients program to fit the individual needs of their physical capabilities, athletic endeavour, and injury history.

Working both in person and online, we maintain a constant dialogue with our clients, ensuring that we guide them through the training program step by step, making any necessary adjustments as required.


We are passionate about physical strength as a gateway to the development of mental and emotional strength. In a culture filled with mental health problems, depression, and a lack of purpose, it is our mission to provide a gateway to improved mental health and wellbeing for every individual we work with. Through our online and 1-on-1 coaching, we aim to develop strength, resilience, willpower and dedication in our clients.

Through our self-improvement workshops, courses and content, we aim to continually develop our client’s mental strength, empowering them to actualise their potential and achieve complete fulfilment in every aspect of life, not just in the gym.

Meet our Founder

Matt Brown BSc

Matt is a Strength & Conditioning graduate currently undertaking his MSc in Strength & Conditioning at UCLan University, and a nationally ranked competitive Powerlifter. After falling in love with training in his teenage years, Matt had the realisation that training was more than just a physical pursuit to him, and was making him a more confident, disciplined and inspired individual. This lead him down a path of self improvement, developing his passion for psychology and self improvement, which helped him to work through a number challenging life experiences.
After having countless conversations with people who resonated with his perspective, Matt set out on a mission to improve peoples lives, starting with where it all began; the barbell. Matt believes that physical training can be a catalyst for radical life change, and his coaching experience has allowed him to improve the mental health and wellbeing of many of his clients.
Matt founded Life & Lifting to provide a platform for people to improve their lives inside and outside of the gym.